Youth Friendly Companies Research

Embark is a unique initiative bringing together top business leaders, refugees and young people in the host community in Turkey. The program offers a variety of activities to exchange ideas, develop understanding, enhance skills and make meaningful connections.

Zorlu Holding Mentoring Program

Within the scope of the project carried out in 2017-2018, the volunteers working in companies affiliated with Zorlu Holding hold mentoring meetings with Mehmet Zorlu Vakfı scholarship holders and young people of GDN over GDN.

Mentoring Program With Roche

Within the scope of the project, 4 professional videos were filmed with Roche Pharmaceuticals and Roche employees joined GDN mentor network and conducted mentoring sessions with young people.

Tüsiad Ne Okusam Ne Olsam Project

Within the scope of the Ne Okusam Ne Olsam Project carried out by Turkishwin and Turkish Industry and Business Association (“Tüsiad”), we supported the creation of video content and publication of the videos filmed on the website of GDN.

Next Generation: Voice Of Young People In Turkey Research

In the Next Generation Turkey research conducted by the British Council in collaboration with Yaşama Dair Vakfı (“YADA”) and Gelecek Daha Net (“GDN”) Gençlik Platformu, qualitative and quantitative meetings were held with 2.524 young people aged 18-30 in 12 cities. The nationwide data collection process began in the winter of 2016 and lasted until the end of summer 2017. The general objectives of Next Generation are: “to understand the attitudes and aspirations of young people”, “to make young people’s voice heard” and “to support the improvement of policies for young people”.

Star Team Girls Mentoring Program With Unilever Directors

Unilever directors held vocational webinars by connecting to young people in the trainings of trainer of GDN Star Teams held in 10 provinces.

Following the Star Team trainings, young people from GDN Star Team conducted 3 sessions of mentoring meetings with Unilever directors.

Gdn Youth Camp With Empower

Gelecek Daha Net Youth Camp project was carried out in 2015 in collaboration with EMPOWER Youth Fund ( In accordance with the main mission of GDN, GDN Youth Camp held to enable young people to make conscious decisions about their future, took place on August 16-22, 2015 at Çeşme Tourism and Hotel Management Vocational High School Practice Hotel.

Star Teams Project With Empower

GDN Star Teams Project, organized by Gelecek Daha Net Gençlik Platformu, was funded by EMPower. The project was carried out between August 2016 and July 2017. During the trainings, we developed collaborations with local non-governmental organizations and institutions.

Scholarship Mentoring Program With Tog Guides

Within the scope of the cooperation between Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı and Gelecek Daha Net in 2016, within the scope of TOG Guidance Program, 10 young people and 10 volunteers from the Community Volunteer living outside Istanbul held a three-session e-mentoring interview over GDN system.

The content of the sessions was formed as follows:

  1. Meeting and Goals
  2. Business Life Competencies
  3. Detail of the Competencies
Wite Collar Mentoring Program For The Children Of Blue Collar Workers With Ups

Within the scope of the project, which was carried out in 2013, white collar workers mentored the children of blue collar workers of UPS. In total, 49 online mentoring sessions were conducted. Within the scope of the project, a Day from the Future internship program was carried out at UPS.

A few of the feedbacks from young beneficiaries of the project are as follows:

Thanks to you, I started to love my profession more and I gained self-confidence. Thanks for everything

My future was a question mark for me, but now it’s a completely open valley.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to the project, my career plans are slowly starting to settle in my head before I finish school. Thanks to the project, I believe that I will start life earlier and consciously.

My wishes, expectations and thoughts for the future are now clearer.